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Why not look your best... As a savy customer, ask your technician how long they have been in their field (under 5 years)? Don't take chances with your body and risk your health with inexperience.

Why not give us a try...and find out what happens when someone takes the time to care. For wonderful service and a relaxing moment in your very busy schedule visit Willow Creek...we understand, we care and we are so very thankful that you took the time to choose us.

Nothing beats Experience.

With over 20 years of experience per technician we have really seen it all (and fixed it too!)

We delight in being the masters of our trades and we know how to treat our guests.

Each one of the technicians at Willow Creek are required to keep up on the lastest trends and styles.

We know how to create beauty with ease. We don't just copy pinterest, etc...we make it!


            We invite you to experience the talented and creative hand of Premier hair artist Jyme Guzman owner of Jyme G Studios located within Willow Creek.

Jyme has 29 years of experience that will help you to bring out the beauty, design and color you have always wanted..


Tired of your Hair?


Need a color fix?


Want a more updated style?


Damaged your hair?




    NEW at Willow Creek!!!!

We can help this hair too!

Let our 29 years of experience FIX YOUR BAD HAIR style and color...


Couples massage room is now open...schedule your couples retreat today!

(Our massage therapists have 20+ years of experience each, so your massage will be relaxing and fantastic.)


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Note: eyebrow extensions, like lash extensions, need to be redone every 5-6 weeks.


Full, shaped eyebrows are seriously on trend right now and many people with thin, sparse eyebrows feel as though they’re missing out!

While makeup and tints do help the brows to look slightly more noticeable eyebrow extensions are the only thing that will make your brows look naturally fuller, as the tiny brow extensions look just like natural brow hairs.


 Don't Do it! Let us wax your delicate facial skin...Shaving can cause scarring and damage.

Waxing exfoliates, hydrates and keeps your skin glowing and healthy.

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Make your appointment with someone you can trust your beautiful eyes to...

Lucinda Splitstone has been doing eyelash extentions for over 6 years (even before they were popular) and she is also a licensed clinical esthetician (she knows all about skin, lashes, and your face)...

Don't just let anyone that has taken a ONE day course or does them "on the side" work on your delicate eye tissue. She will guide you to the correct design and comfort level for your eyelash integrity and follow through with you to make sure you are comfortable.

Lucinda loves to see the sparkle in your eyes as you look at your lashes for the first time...you are breathtaking!


On Guard Beadlets (PROTECTIVE BLEND)

On Guard Beadlets are an easy and convenient way to obtain the immune-boosting benefits of On Guard Essential Oil Blend. On Guard Beadlets provide a flavorful dose of d?TERRA?s proprietary blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary, all contained in tiny vegetable beadlets that melt in the mouth quickly to freshen breath and support the immune system. On Guard Beadlets are perfect for home use, while traveling, and to boost your family?s immunity ? anytime, anywhere.

           Just in time for the allergy season!




MANGO MEND TREATMENT BALM: A Targeted Balm developed to relieve excessively dry skin on your elbows, heels, rough areas and cuticles or any area where you need the maximum hydration protection. Dry patches will instantly be eliminated and when applied overnight – wake up to soft healthy skin.

MANGO EXTREME CRÈME: An extreme hand & body crème containing a unique blend of Highly Refined Non-Clogging Oils and Anti-oxidants developed to treat extra dry skin. Absorbs quickly and will turn your driest skin soft and hydrated with each application. Your results will be smooth, youthful and healthy looking skin

NATURAL HAND AND BODY LOTION: Specially formulated for daily use and contains Aloe Vera, Vitamins and Highly Refined Non-Clogging Oils to nourish, soften and protect your hands and body leaving your skin hydrated and smooth – all this with a light scent of Mango.

NATURAL CLEANSING GEL: Refresh your skin and treat your senses with California Mango® Natural Cleansing Gel. A rich combination of Aloe Vera, Vitamins and Revitalizing Herbs. This ultra-conditioning formula gently cleanses – leaving skin with a silky finish and a pleasing mango scent that will last all day.




   A twist on a basic French manicure...

Nail Art by Jamie Conrad...

Jamie Conrad has been a nail technician for over 20 years and absolutely loves working on hands and feet. "It is a BLESSING to come to work every day and do what I love. To create the look my clients have always wanted when they look down at their hands or feet, brings me so much joy. I am thankful to be able to serve the Billings community with their beauty needs."

To see more of her work please CLICK HERE....


I have been a gel educator, and taken in new nail technicians as a mentor. Also I have had the thrill of being trained by international coaches for over 20 years. Nothing beats experience and truly loving what I do...

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Note to our wonderful Guests...please give us 24-48 hours notice on all cancellations. We will charge Gift Certificates and Credit Card for all appointment times held.